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Watch production and production are based on a simple and clever invention, which is the "spring", it can tighten and save energy, and slowly release the energy,
In order to promote the operation of the watch and pointer, to achieve the function of displaying time, this kind of swiss replica watches spring device is known as the main spring
Watch working principle
(Mainspring). The watch is constructed by the header, watch watchband (buckle). The head parts include: core, shell, bottom cover, mirror, literally
(often said of the dial), pointer, the (time adjustment, also called according to), so (part of the table requirements).
Watch working principle, the watch is used to indicate the time of a precision instrument, the principle of the instrument is to use a constant and continuous vibration of the vibration system as a standard
If you know the vibration system to complete a watch of replica watches the time required for full vibration (vibration cycle), and calculate the number of vibration, then the vibration so many times after
The time of experience is equal to the vibration cycle times the number of times of vibration.
Time = vibration period x
Mechanical watches with balance wheel hairspring balance as a vibration system, a pendulum shaft 1 is fixed on the 2, the swing of the upper and lower shaft in the bearing, bearing rotating around.
One end is fixed on the 3 parts of fake rolex spring pendulum shaft, the other end is fixed on the splint. Due to the elastic deformation of the balance wheel hairspring movement by rotation into reciprocating motion. Balance wheel travel
Wire system affected by internal friction resistance movement watch bearing friction force, air resistance and gossamer in the swing, swing amplitude (amplitude)
Will gradually decay, until the last stop. In order to make the continuous vibration attenuation, it must be regularly to supplement the energy balance spring system, that is to say, in a watch
There must be an energy device.
Add to the vibration system is through a special mechanism to the escapement mechanism to achieve. The escapement mechanism is also used to calculate the vibration frequency of the system. So the balance spring
Balance spring, system and escapement device is the key mechanical watches.

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