Inside the Capital Campaign

So, how do I give to the capital campaign?
When you donate, make sure that you tell us that you want your donation to go to it. If you’re giving by check, write capital campaign on the memo line. If you’re donating online, write capital campaign in the “special instructions” window on PayPal. You can also email us at any time—whether before or after you donate—and let us know you’d like your gift to be used for the capital campaign. Our email is

What types of gift are allowed?
Gifts by check or credit card (through are of course appreciated. Another great way to donate is by transferring gifts of stock or other investment vehicles. You don’t need to pay any capital gains tax, and you can deduct the full market value on the date of transfer from your personal income tax. Please email us for instructions on making a transfer.

Do you still need “regular” donations?
Absolutely! The capital campaign is about ensuring the long-term financial health of the WAA, but we will always depend on annual donations to make our program possible. For the next five years, we will let donations from the capital campaign grow in low-risk stock and bond funds before we start drawing from them for scholarships. That means that, until 2021, the WAA will be entirely funded by standard, non-capital-campaign donations.

So, should I give to the capital campaign or the annual fund?
It’s totally up to you! Capital-campaign donations will be invested for the future, while annual-fund donations will be used right now to fund scholarships for this summer. In general, we see the capital campaign as geared toward alumni and friends making larger gifts, but we need all hands on deck for both efforts to make our plan work.


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