Composite decking on the other hand is very durable

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Composite decking on the other hand is very durable

This leads to deck deterioration. Cedar and other woods such as Red Meranti are wonderful woods for decking, but some have to be sealed or stained every few years.

Composite decking on the other hand is very durable and can withstand the harshest winter conditions. Maintenance is easy. As temperatures rise and fall and as

moisture freezes and then thaws, it is composite decks that will better maintain their original appearance and condition.
There's nothing like Western Red Cedar

siding. It is in strong demand. Cedar wood types are white cedar, red cedar, and yellow cedar. The advantage of red cedar is tight grain and high oil content. Red

cedar is more porous and you can apply a wider variety of paints and stains to it. The most plentiful supplies of cedar are Western Red Cedar from the Western Pacific

regions of the US and Canada. Manufacturers such as Interfor (International Forest Products) are producing an array of superior quality, primed cedar products that

deliver the great value of cedar and which can be finished in the color of your choice to match all modern home decors.
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